Wood Fired
Mother Glaze

Mother Glaze

Mother Glaze is a brand-new concept in ceramics. Simply put, it is the mother of all glazes. On a deeper level, however, it transcends mankind's current knowledge of ceramics, and explores possibilities closer to the source.


All of the ceramics now are the result of the development of the beauty of the texture and form, or presentation of glazes from within a realm tolerable by the clay. In short, all of the ceramic arts and craft in the past four thousand years were made below the firebox and toward the lower temperature section of the kiln. The various types of glaze and various types of ceramics culture were all developed while aiming for beautiful colors, safety, stability, and high yield.


The Mother Glaze proposed by Lin Jui-Hwa steps outside of that realm of the firing chamber transmutation, and explores the beauty of the ores, jades, gems, and crystals in deep down in the earth. This is the art of using high temperature wood-firing of natural clay to achieve a transformation. He is after more than stable product, or a glaze on the surface of the clay. What he wants to unlock is the ultimate, boundless, beauty of the earth.


In other words, he wants to bring glazes back to its most primitive state. Since the textures and qualities are innumerable, and richly charming, they can not named individually. Instead, he calls it Mother Glaze.