International Programme




International Program

Building an international exchange platform for wood-fired ceramics

with Taiwanese ceramic culture as the foundation

We invite friends from all over the world to meet here, on this land



Zhunan Snake Kiln sets its sights on becoming the international center for high temperature wood-fired ceramic art, gathering pottery aficionados, exporting Taiwan's world-leading high temperature wood-firing craft, conducting high temperature wood-firing workshops, and hosting artists-in-residence and their exhibitions. Zhunan Snake Kiln will also invite artists of different ceramics expertise to host seminars and technical demonstrations. Through this all, Zhunan Snake Kiln hopes to bring different cultures and expertise together and see what sparks would fly from their synergy as it transforms into an important international hub for high temperature wood-firing and a forum for ceramic artists.

Zhunan Snake Kiln has been advocating high temperature wood-firing for decades, becoming the place for studying and discussing high temperature wood-firing. Hosting artists-in-residence has further injected Zhunan Snake Kiln with diverse artistic energy, while the international program promotes Taiwanese ceramic kiln culture and the features of Zhunan Snake Kiln's high temperature wood-firing. The artist-in-residence program provides artists with a studio, exhibition space, and a place to stay, bolstering opportunities for exchange. As the artist settles into the community, they can interact with the public, and introduce the seed of culture diversity to blossom into even more possibilities.