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Documentary of Mr. Lin, Tian-Fu─the Winner of "2016 Crafts Achievement Awards"

Tien-fu Lin, the founder of "Chunan Snake Kiln," was born in 1926 in Nantun, Taichung, Taiwan. At the age of fourteen, he started his journey as a ceramic artist and dedicated nearly 80 years to the creation of traditional ceramic crafts.

Respected as "Master Tien-fu," he began learning pottery from a Fuzhou master at the age of thirteen and became a skilled ceramic artist at the young age of fourteen. Now, at the age of 82, he continues to create remarkable works. Over the past seven decades, he has mastered every aspect of the pottery process, from "clay collection" to "kiln construction" and "firing." He excels not only in hand-throwing pottery but also in sculpting original designs and molding techniques. His talents extend to relief and painting, all of which he learned on his own, making him an exemplary figure in the traditional ceramic art world.

Tien-fu's works primarily showcase traditional vessel shapes but with a touch of his unique personal style. There is no trace of craftsmanship or elaborate detailing; instead, his creations embody the essence of Taiwan's traditional folk pottery, presenting a natural and solid flavor. Just like the artist himself, each piece reflects his sincerity, contentment, and positive outlook on life, radiating a warm and familiar Taiwanese folk charm.

In 2016, he was awarded the Taiwan Crafts Achievement Award in recognition of his lifelong contributions to Taiwan's ceramic art.